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I recently opened a company in a free zone, specifically in IFZA, and there was a question about VAT and the new corporate tax. I didn’t understand at all whether these taxes applied to my activities or not. I wrote to and they answered me very quickly. What is important, for me personally, was not just a robot, but a person! Now I am a client of, which I am very happy about!

Lily Wchein CEO – Rusvoice
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Accounting Service Cost

790 AED/m
billed quarterly
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Reflection of operations
  • Interim balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Accounting for cash income and expenses
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Fixed assets and depreciation (up to 3 units)
  • Payroll/vacations (up to 3 employees)
Tax accounting
Corporate tax
  • Obtaining TRN for Corporate Tax
  • Full Corporate Tax service
Restoration of accounting - from 790 AED/m
Making changes to reporting - from 790 AED
During the Trial period, the functionality of the EASY tariff is available
3 900 AED/m
billed quarterly
Includes everything in EASY +
  • Premium bookkeeping services
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Fixed assets and depreciation (up to10 units)
  • Preparation of payment orders for payment to counterparties
  • WPS Registration
  • Payroll/vacations (up to 15 employees)
Tax accounting
  • Obtaining TRN for VAT
  • Full VAT Service
    • Input/output VAT Accounting
    • Quarterly VAT Calculation
    • Quarterly VAT declaration Preparation
    • Payment order preparation for tax payment
Excise duty
  • Obtaining TRN for Excise tax
  • Full Excise duty service
    • Excise tax Calculation
    • Excise tax declaration Preparation
    • Payment order preparation for tax payment
Multi-currency accounting
Agency agreements
Employees over 15 + 80 AED per employee/mx
Fixed assets over 10 + 150 AED for each unit/mx
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does electronic invoicing work?

Simply enter the partner's information and specify their email address. The online software will generate the invoice in a matter of seconds.

How to calculate the corporate tax in effect in the UAE?

The tax is calculated as the product of the tax rate on the net profit for the financial year. The rate of 0% applies to profits up to 375,000 AED, and the rate of 9% applies to amounts exceeding this threshold. Example: If a company earned a profit of 400,000 AED at the end of the financial year, it will be required to pay a corporate tax amounting to 2,250 AED. 375,000 * 0% + (400,000 - 375,000) * 9% = 0 + 25,000 * 9% = 2,250.

Will there be penalties for tax law violations?

Yes, violations of the law are subject to sanctions in the form of fines and/or imprisonment. Violations such as non-payment of taxes on time, providing false tax returns, violating the deadline for submitting a declaration, failure to provide documents upon request, inability to maintain accounting records, and other types of violations are punishable. If the violation is deliberate or repeated, the amount of fines may increase and may exceed the amount of arrears by a multiple.

How is Payroll Calculated?

Salary calculation in the UAE involves calculating gross pay, determining deductions and bonuses for company employees. Simplify your business management and save time with payroll calculation on the software!